About our Company

Diamond experience is at the heart of Kruger Diamond Traders (PTY) Ltd.

The establishment of this company is the culmination of two generations and decades of experience in all aspects of the diamond industry including; mining, manufacturing and as well as the rough and polished trade.

The opportunity to start a Diamond Tender House arose in 2017, completing the diamond experience for the family and equipping them with the best skills and experience to ensure their customers the best service possible in the tendering business for rough uncut diamonds.

In addition to selling its own diamond production, Kruger Diamond Traders prides itself in the selling of third-party diamonds to a worldwide client base.

Trusted Since 1978

Our logo speaks for itself. Trust and ethics are the core values of all the people involved. We are passionate and uncompromising about our core values, highly motivated and driven to deliver the best services to our customers.

Partnered with Belton Park Trading 127 (Pty) Ltd

Kruger Diamond Traders are proudly partnered with Belton Park Trading 127 (Pty) Ltd, the holder of the mining right over diamonds under terms of the mining right issued by the Department of Mineral Resources (“DMR”) over the sea concession 2C.